ColorJet launches UV roll-to-roll printer for multiple deco-sign

ColorJet India has announced the launch of its 1.6-m UV roll-to-roll printer, Vulcan Prime, which serves the dual purpose for signage as well as interior décor industry. It provides ultra-high quality printing up to 2400-dpi and its UV curing technology ensures immediate drying, saving up to 90% of the production time.

13 Aug 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Vulcan Prime enables access to innumerable printing applications

For New-Gen Signage, Vulcan Prime introduces Camouflage Printing Technology. Developed with the combination of ColorJet’s UV printing machines, industrial grade advanced printhead technology, UV curable inks, special ICC profiles and unique printer controller software, the Camouflage technology enables three-layer, four-layer and five-layer back-to-back printing.

Three-layer printing helps in achieving the same visual effect both on front lit and backlit without any colour loss. Four-layer printing offers dual colour/ day-night effect printing — different versions of the same print printed on backlit media comes out under the influence of backlit LED light. In five-layer printing different images printed on the same transparent media is visible differently from both sides.

The Vulcan Prime’s 3D structure formation will help users in achieving raised embossed while printing on wallpapers. With this, the home décor customers would not only see the design, but will also be able to feel it.

The machine also comes with the benefits of anti-blockage white head system which reduces head clogging and maintenance downtime considerably. This technology helps to avoid the precipitation of ink and maintains the white intensity which leads to consistent, vibrant and dense print results.

Vulcan Prime’s angular UV curing technology helps in smoother gradient transition on transparent and opaque media. It’s variable pressure vacuum bed provides freedom to print on a wide range of substrates, especially on fabrics. Its prints are crack resistant, fire resistant, scrub resistant and washable which makes them super versatile.

Vulcan Prime enables access to innumerable printing applications to help PSPs in growing their businesses. It supports a variety of flexible media, including backlit fabric, ceiling film, vinyl, wallpaper, advertising banner, PET etc. Embedded with the UV LED curing process, it makes printing more economical and ecological.