ColorJet flatbed printers to leverage cooler panel printing

With consumer behaviour changing rapidly, they are now inclined towards personalisation of products, including cooler panels. As a result, customisation and vibrant printing on cooler panels has been on the rise.

07 Jul 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Cooler panel printing can give a boost to the traditional wide-format printing business

Cooler panel printing can give a boost to the traditional wide-format printing business by increasing profitability and the consumer base. For this, ColorJet UV flatbed printers offer high-quality, high-speed printing, making it the perfect choice for cooler panel printing. The printed cooler panels offer an upgrade of 15-20% in the retail selling price of coolers when compared to the non-printed ones.

As per Statista, in 2022, the market size of the air cooler industry in India is forecasted to be around Rs 44.2-billion. The Indian air cooler market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2% during 2019-2025.

CJ UV flatbed printers yield high industrial output and are perfect for mass production. One can print up to 25 standard cooler panels per hour. If the machine runs for 8 hours a day, companies involved in cooler panel printing will be able to print around 200 panels per day and approximately 5000 panels per month. Additional cooler panels along with other applications can be printed with robust CJ UV flatbed printers.

ColorJet UV printers enable multiple panel printing with different designs simultaneously. The printing process is easy and the results are impeccable. For cooler panel printing, pre-coating is advisable for better color adhesion and increased life of the print. These printed panels add a touch of elegance and enhance the beauty of the home. These printers reduce the turnaround time and add significant value to your printing business.

Shahab Uddin of Sansar Hardware, a ColorJet customer, said, "I used to run a school before the Covid-19 but had to close it due to lockdown. I suffered huge financial losses and that's when I thought of leveraging the cooler printing industry. I am grateful that I made the right choice by choosing ColorJet's flatbed printer to start my own business".

He added that he found the business lucrative, and ColorJet printing machines offered excellent results while maximising the profit. “Therefore, I decided to buy one more flatbed Printer from ColorJet,” he said. “ColorJet played an important role in shaping my business and life.”

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