Colgate brings its Gentle series toothbrush in a premium pack

Colgate-Palmolive India has launched its premium Gentle series toothbrush, which now comes with even more premium double blister packaging for greater brand visibility.

21 Jan 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Colgate's new premium brushes – Gentle Enamel and Gentle Ultrafoam – comes in an impressive double backer blister packaging. According to the company, the Gentle Enamel has "ultra-soft slimmer tip bristles for wraparound feeling and enamel protection". Meanwhile, the Gentle Ultrafoam has more than 5,500 "slim tip bristles with advanced Tuft technology for next-level cleaning for superior foam and gentle experience".

The brushes come packed in an impressive double backer blister packaging, which is a new concept for toothbrush packaging, according to Colgate. The package has formed recycled PET blister sandwiched between paperboard to provide "excellent brand visibility".

The profile cut of the pack also adds to the product attributes. The paperboard is laminated with metPET film and UV-printed with graphics.

The company told WhatPackaging? that the Colgate Gentle logo has been specially curated keeping in mind its core elements of 'gentleness'. "The font has smooth contours that enhance the soft nature of the brushes. Fresh teal colour has been used to cue in oral hygiene- integrating a silver feather to further emphasise the brand identity and superior premium quality of products," it said.

Both packs have an IDA seal with an unique claim: "Designed with Dentists".

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