Citrus Packaging invests in Miyakoshi

Hyderabad-based Citrus Packaging Solutions has recently invested in a Miyakoshi VAR 18 intermittent press. The machine was installed and additional new units were retrofitted on-field by team Provin and Miyakoshi.

16 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Miyakoshi at Citrus Packaging Solutions

M Chenga Reddy, managing director and CEO of Citrus Packaging Solutions, said, “We already have flexo machines. So, while deciding on an intermittent press we did not look beyond Miyakoshi.”

He added, “Miyakoshi machines are built to last a lifetime. We got the machine to cater to short-run jobs for self-adhesive labels, aluminium foils, lamitubes, laminates, structured material, and medical-grade paper. The print size is 18x18-inch, which is unique in this segment. With LED offset, flexo, die-cutting units combo, along with inline 100% inspection system from Nerco, makes it a versatile machine.”

Citrus’s association with Miyakoshi goes back to 1998, when the company had purchased a Miyakoshi MVF for producing business forms.

Citrus Packaging Solutions was founded in September 2017. The company’s focus is to provide value-added labels, innovative labels and solutions, for industries such as pharma, FMCG, automotive, white goods, electronics and mobile, beverages and alcohol.

Citrus started with an eight-colour UV flexographic press and other ancillary equipment in Hyderabad and today, it has three flexographic presses in two locations (Hyderabad and Bengaluru). It also has a speciality coating equipment, besides the new Miyakoshi.

“Citrus is committed to delivering quality products on time and every time. By adding top pharma companies to the list of our customers in a short span of time, we have proven our commitment,” Reddy said.

Citrus has a qualified and experienced team, starting from the top management. M Chenga Reddy having 38 years of experience in the printing industry. Abiram Reddy who has done his MS in printed electronics in the UK and is now in the production team. The entire team has years of experience in the printing industry. 

The Hyderabad unit consists of a 20,000-sqft premises and has two Lombardi UV flexo presses, one UV curable adhesive coater, a Miyakoshi 18-inch intermittent LED offset with flexo and die-cutting units, and four 100% inspection equipment along with VDP and slitter-rewinders. At its Bengaluru unit, in a 5000-sqft premises, the company houses an eight-colour flexo press from UV Graphics, inspection and other ancillary equipment. This unit is also a pharma-compliant unit. The company employs around 80 people. 

Reddy said the major challenges in the printing business in present times is the shorter and shorter run lengths of the jobs and over-capacity of the converters. “We have customers who require 300 labels. Turnaround of jobs with less wastage and a greater number of jobs per day along with innovation of new products will be the key for a successful business,” he said.

On the Miyakoshi installation, he said, “Miyakoshi and Provin team have done an excellent job for the installation and training of our staff. We are thankful to them for doing such a wonderful job.”

He added, “We expect a growth of 15% of business and regarding ROE, I never estimate it, I buy machines which I like and feel that they can add value to our company.”

Akshay Kaushal, executive director, sales, Provin Technos, said, “VAR is a state-of-the-art press which is based on the concept of full-rotary/semi-rotary mode switch ability. This way, the press offers a high level of job flexibility to today’s label printers and converters. A printer gets the flexibility to handle a variety of job run lengths on a single machine. Apart from this, Miyakoshi as a solution provider itself is unique. Having a very strong technical base and manufacturing capability, Miyakoshi products are one of the best in their segment. Built to last a lifetime, Miyakoshi presses are made to perform consistently.”