Chiripal’s third BOPP line set to open in early 2021

Chiripal Poly Films (CPFL) is poised to commission its third BOPP line at Hyderabad, Telangana. The construction work to house a 10.4m BOPP line is in full swing and the commercial operations are expected in early 2021.

08 Oct 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The Hyderabad site under construction

According to the company, CPFL’s footprint in Hyderabad is the concentric multi-location diversification of the company. It is interesting to note that the group, which is identified as the market leader in the textile and denim business, is stepping out of Gujarat first time.

The 10.4-m BOPP line will be followed by an 8.7-m BOPET line at the same premises. “We aimed at enhancing the company’s film production capacity to 215 KTPA. The Hyderabad plant will contribute to 97,000 TPA production capacity, including 35,000 TPA of metalised films,” Sumant Singhal, CEO, Chiripal Poly Films, said.

CPFL will be the first company in India to have both BOPP and BOPET production facilities in South India. The location is strategic as Hyderabad has a big base of converters catering to the needs of food and other industries.

Singhal added, “With the augmented capacity in Hyderabad, there will be a marked improvement in services and deliveries across all markets in India and abroad. We are also increasing our specialty films portfolio to give our customers a wide range of product variants and becoming a one-stop solution for the conversion substrates.”