Chetan Jain of Taurus authors book on shrink sleeve

Chetan Jain, executive director, Taurus Packaging, has authored a book titled ‘Sleeve It Right: 7 Secrets of Shrink Sleeves not known to India’s FMCG Businesses’.

19 Aug 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Chetan Jain, executive director, Taurus Packaging during the launch of the book

The engaging mini-book delves into the lesser-known secrets of how to achieve guaranteed success with innovative and flexible packaging, as the author takes us through seven powerful techniques FMCG brands can use to supersede everyday challenges of lower volumes, high entry costs, value additions and timelines, and build the most advanced and cost-effective sleeves for their products.

“Packaging is the first touchpoint for a product sale. I have been working closely with many packaging professionals on shrink sleeves and have seen them get in depth of the product to get it perfectly right. But not all companies in India have the complete technical know-how. This is a grey area,” Jain said. “The industry has given me so much over the years that now I am on a mission to share this complete knowledge.”

In the book, Jain looks back at his inspirational journey in the packaging industry that led him to become the only Indian company to offer shrink sleeves with high dimensional stability, ultra HD printing and fastest time-to-market.

Written in a lucid and conversational style, the book captures the essence of a typical development cycle, talking about the expected and unexpected problems that may crop up and step-by-step solutions to tackle them. Supported by real-life case studies, it offers a refreshing take on how to optimise the development process, common mistakes to avoid, and what to look for in the right shrink sleeve vendor.

The summarised collection of ‘35 Steps to Sleeve It Right’ from inception to final sleeving at the end of the book is a special bonus.

“The book gives FMCG companies insight into many secrets and strategies employed by the shrink sleeve manufacturing industry to avoid compromise in the end product or the costs involved. And if reader is already a packaging professional, I hope to add on to their knowledge. This book will serve as a guide to achieve world class shrink sleeves for their products,” Jain concluded.