Chennai’s Roto Print invests in Ricoh

Chennai-based Roto Print has recently invested in a Ricoh Pro C9200. The machine was supplied and installed by Minosha India.

15 Mar 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

R Anandan, proprietor of Roto Print

R Anandan, proprietor of Roto Print, said, “Our biggest challenge was balancing quality, speed, and cost-efficiency.  Previously, it was difficult to meet all these requirements consistently. The Ricoh Pro C9200 cutsheet production printer machine has been a game-changer. It delivers exceptional print quality, both in terms of colour and detail. At the same time, the machine boasts impressive printing speeds, allowing us to take on more jobs and improve our overall output. The best part is that despite these improvements, the Ricoh ProC9200 keeps our costs per print competitive. This allows us to offer our clients superior quality at an attractive price, which has been a major factor in attracting new customers. It has helped us elevate our printing capabilities and better serve our clients.”

Anandan said the company has been a loyal Ricoh users. So, when it came time to upgrade its printing equipment, the decision was easy. “We were already familiar with the Ricoh brand and their commitment to quality. The key factor for choosing the Ricoh Pro C9200 was the upgrade it offered,” he said. 

He added. “Minosha India played a valuable role in this process. They provided us with comprehensive training on the new machine's features and functionalities, ensuring a smooth transition and maximising its potential. This ongoing support from Minosha has been instrumental in helping us improve our overall business efficiency.”

Anandan started Roto Print in 2014. While his background was in history, my passion has always been building and leading a successful business. Besides, Anandan, his wife Vijayalakshmi and brothers Ashok and Sathish manage the primary business Roto Print and its branch, Dot Print in Chennai. 

Roto Print is a one-stop shop for design and printing needs. It specialises in helping businesses, organisations, and educational institutions create impactful marketing and informational materials. Its expertise lies in digital printing and can handle projects from brochures and flyers to short-run books and presentation folders.

The company has a skilled team of 10 people. A dedicated team focused on the finishing aspects of the printing process. For its Ricoh digital printing machines, it has skilled team members who are trained by Minosha to ensure they stay up to date on the latest features and functionalities.

The printing operation runs out of a compact, 300-sqft facility. 

Anandan said, “Investing in Ricoh technology has been a cornerstone of our growth over the past decade. We started with a Ricoh machine 10 years ago, and the upgrade to the Ricoh Pro C9200 has been truly transformative. The production efficiency has seen a dramatic improvement. The increased speed of the Ricoh Pro C9200 allows us to take on more projects and meet tighter deadlines. Combined with the user-friendly interface and ongoing support from Minosha, our team has adapted quickly and efficiently.”

He added, “But the most significant change has been in print quality. The Ricoh Pro C9200 delivers exceptional results, especially in colour accuracy and detail. This has directly translated to happier customers. We consistently receive positive feedback on the quality of our work, and it's a major reason we keep coming back to Ricoh products.” 

He added that integrating Ricoh's print engine and Fiery controller has further enhanced the capabilities. It allows precise colour management and streamlined workflow, ensuring consistent quality across all our projects. 

“The Ricoh Pro C9200 digital press has become a strategic asset for Roto Print, particularly when it comes to expanding our capabilities and boosting our margins. The key differentiator lies in its ability to handle a wider colour gamut, including special colours like fluorescents,” Anandan said, “The vibrant colours and consistent quality produced by Ricoh Pro C9200 is unmatched and we can confidently tell our clients that we can print any colour you desire.” 

He added, “Minosha has always been part of our past success; with this new installation, they proved it once again. Their expertise in installation and training ensured a smooth transition to the new machine. The technical support they provide keeps our team informed and our equipment operating at peak performance. This minimises downtime and ensures we can consistently deliver high-quality results for our clients.”