Chennai’s Metro Digital invests in Canon

Chennai-based Metro Digital Prints has recently invested in a Canon ImagePress C10010VP.

14 Apr 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Kannan Selvaraj and Mohamed Madhar Syed Ahamed of Metro Digital Prints

Kannan Selvaraj and Mohamed Madhar Syed Ahamed of Metro Digital Prints said that the company decided to go for the Canon ImagePress C10010VP because of its front-back registration, accurate and consistent colour reproduction of corporate/brand colours and ability to handle variable data printing

“As we have many corporate customers, there is a constant need to match brand or logo colours. We must say that we are able to achieve this requirement with the Canon ImagePress C10010VP. Moreover, it comes with standard variable data printing and the imposition feature of the Fiery server, which makes VDP quick," they said.

In the digital printing business for a long time, Metro Digital Prints’ existing machines include KM C6000 and C1085. Its customers include corporate partners, offset customers and walk-in customers.
The ImagePress 9010VP series offers a range of vital technologies that help drive productivity, versatility, and high image quality. These include high-impact colour with 2400x2400-dpi print resolution; production speeds of up to 90 A4 impressions per minute and 450,000 per month with media options up to 400-gsm, including various specialty media, such as synthetics and textures; best-in-class front and back and sheet-to-sheet registration; colour calibration and real-time adjustment for consistent colours; and Fiery-based ImagePress B6000 V2 colour server for ICC-based colour management, built-in imposition and composition tool, various automation tool and variable data printing.