Chandigarh’s Creative doubles its production with Canon 10000 VP

Chandigarh-based Creative Offset Printers installed the Canon Imagepress C10000 VP to double its production capacity, and according to Parag Goyal of Creative Offset Printers, the company has managed to do so in the last six months.

25 Dec 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Tarsem Lal Goyal and Parag Goyal of Creative Offset Printers with the Canon 10000 VP

Before the installation, the company was printing around one-lakh sheets per month.

Established around a decade ago in an area of approx 400-sqft with three people, the company presently has a production area of 3,100-sqft in Chandigarh Industrial Zone with a team of 25 people.

“We mainly focus on job works and our strong networks with print freelancers feed our printing presses,” Goyal said.

Creative Offset Printers, the brainchild of Tarsem Lal Goyal, was established around a decade ago. Starting from a small room and catering to local clients, the company has now spread its reach to the complete northern region with some prestigious clients as satisfied customers.

Parag Goyal subsequently joined the company to carry forward the work of his father. And now, from an offset printer, the company has expanded its folio to digital as well and now functions as a bespoke printing firm.

In its endeavour to increase efficiency and productivity Goyal had been doing extensive market research. Based on the research the company figured that colour consistency, speed of printing, finishing quality and availability of spares are key challenges for any digital printing job.

“Our criterion on deciding on the new printer was higher productivity without compromising on quality. Subsequently, we evaluated the technological competency of all available production printers from different brands for productivity and quality. This turned out to be a longer exercise. However, at the end, we shortlisted Canon 10000 VP based on its technological benefits over others like suction paper feeding, straight paper path, best in class registration, excellent quality on various printing substrates and above all high productivity,” he said.

Goyal added, “Consistent quality of printing, machine uptime backed by service engineer support and on time spare parts availability from Canon has made it possible for us to bank upon Canon products. Canon provided us with key operator training on the machine, including detailed Fiery and job automation training. Now, we are printing more than two-lakh A3 sheets per month.”

Goyal said doubling the print volume helped the company in ROI. He also lauded Canon’s customer support services.