Chandigarh’s Capital Graphics invests in Xerox B9100

Chandigarh-based Capital Graphics has recently invested in a Xerox B9100 black & white digital press. As the company was witnessing increased demand from government departments and enterprise customers for print services that require high-security protocols, Anoop Behal, proprietor Capital Graphics, said, the biggest reason to choose the Xerox B9100 was its high-end security assurance that promises anti-copying through the use of micro fonts. “And of course, its enhanced high resolution black and white printing for publishing of books, journals, manuals, novels and reports provides unmatched quality,” he added.

29 Oct 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Rishabh Behal of Capital Graphics with the new kit

Behal said, installed in late July 2020, the B9100 has proven to be a wise investment. “Demand is high, based on word-of-mouth from high profile customers, and the ROI is better than expected,” he said.

Capital Graphics’ partnership with Xerox spans over a period of two decades, beginning with its first Xerox installation in 2000. Today, the company’s Xerox portfolio includes the Versant 180, Versant 80, C75, Xerox B9100 and the DocuColor 260.

“These machines have been critical in growing our top line and bottom line,” said Behal. A key reason for our continued re-investment in Xerox technology is the return on investment. A good measure of ROI is the high print volumes across the Xerox print engines. Before the lockdown, we were producing almost three-lakh colour prints using Xerox’s technology, which is amongst the highest in the northern region. One of our Versant 80s has clocked seven-million prints, which is among the national highest in this segment, and our Versant 180 has produced over 4.5-million prints.”

Capital Graphics started in 1997 with a single colour machine — a desktop publishing (DTP) unit —investing in more digital printing technology as our business grew over the years. Today, the company is a leading digital printing solution provider across the country, especially in North India.

“We focus on delighting customers, which means that quality and customer experience is non-negotiable. Our state-of-the-art digital print presses operated by a highly skilled and trained team guarantees precision, high resolution and quality finishing, resulting in top quality professional output.

According to Behal, the early 2000s were pivotal for printing technology and business growth. “We were early adopters of latest technology to expand our printing services portfolio and capture new market opportunities,” he explained. “Today, we are the go-to name for a variety of printing services across corporate gifting, large-format printing, wedding cards and stationery. We cater to the education, healthcare and retail sectors which require stringent security protocols, and we have invested in secure technology to meet the expectations of those jobs.”

He said while there was naturally an impact of Covid-19 in the business, the company’s wide range of services, coupled with the consistent, top-quality customer experience over the years held it in good stead. “After the lockdown lifted, we started receiving a significant amount of orders similar to the situation pre-lockdown,” he said.