Caterpillar Signs gets EFI Pro

Ahmedabad-based Caterpillar Signs has recently invested in an EFI Pro 30h. The machine was supplied and installed by Arrow Digital.

16 Jun 2023 | By Charmiane Alexander

Nishant Shah, managing director at Caterpillar Signs with the new machine

It has been a remarkable journey of partnership betwen Caterpillar Signs and Arrow Digital, which started with the company’s first Vutek 3360EC. Since then, it has added a range of technologies, including hybrid UV, roll-to-roll UV and FabriVU 340i for soft signage and displays, and have been running them 24/7 for years. 

Nishant Shah, managing director at Caterpillar Signs, said, “Our journey with Arrow has been a true partnership of sorts. We trust them and their range of printers and technologies with their world-class support and service. They indeed have the best and latest product range to choose from.” 

He added, “Our focus on enhancing brand visibility through top-notch prints, signs, and displays has garnered a loyal clientele of over 50,000 satisfied customers worldwide. We would like to thank the Arrow Team and its application-driven green technologies. This cooperation has always strived to provide convenience, systematic workflows, and standout solutions for our customers.” 

The company serves a worldwide clientele under CP Graphics, Banner Buzz and Giant Media Online.

Sam Patel of Arrow Digital added, “This magnificent range of equipment brings a whole new meaning to the word wide format. With its 3.2-m printing capabilities, the EFI Pro 30h can handle a wide variety of substrates and applications, all while maintaining superior image quality and eco-friendly benefits.” 

One of the standout features of the EFI Pro 30h is its versatility, which allows customers to adapt to changing business needs. With the ability of the EFI ProGraphics UV XA ink set, one can easily match new applications and substrates. This flexibility minimises colour adjustments and ensures a perfect colour match every time, making it a breeze to meet the unique requirements of different projects.

Shah said with this new addition, the company is sure that it can reach out for many new and premium applications with the confidence of the high adhesion and endless possibilities.