Capexil offering exhibition stand for Indian participants at FBF 2019

Capexil, the non-profit making organisation under the aegis of the ministry of commerce, government of India will participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair to be held in Frankfurt from 16 to 20 October 2019. As part of this, the organisation will offer space to Indian exhibitors participating at the Fair through Capexil.

14 Jun 2019 | By PrintWeek India

The opening ceremony of Frakfurt Book Fair 2018

For the Fair, Capexil is officering pre-fabricated subsidised stands under the MAI scheme of the ministry of commerce and industry.

Accordingly, system stand regular (pre-fabricated row stand) will be available in three sizes — four-sqmt (Rs 76,800), six-sqmt (Rs 1,27,850) and eight-sqmt (1,59,800.00).

Meanwhile, system stand regular (pre-fabricated corner stand) will also be available in sizes four-sqmt (Rs 81,000), six-sqmt (Rs 1,36,800) and eight-sqmt (Rs 1,71,700).

Another available option is system stand smart (both row and corner stands). The system stand smart (pre-fabricated row stand) will be available in two sizes — four-sqmt (Rs 1,50,800) and eight-sqmt (Rs 2,33,700). The system stand smart (pre-fabricated corner stand) will also be able in two sizes — four-sqmt (Rs 1,57,600) and eight-sqmt (Rs 2,47,300).

The system stand regular module includes carpet; rear walls; two side walls; four bookshelves; one bench cabinet, and other relevant amenities, including exhibitor passes and advertising options. 

The system stand smart module includes internet connection; LCD monitor; multifunctional wall module; modern counter for meetings; logo in the exhibitor catalogue plus 10 trade visitor tickets, beside the other amenities. 

According to Capexil, exhibitors who hold the Importers Exporters Code Number (IEC) will be eligible to participate in the Fair through Capexil under MAI Subsidy Scheme. Capexil members who meet the eligibility criteria may also be entitled to reimbursement of airfare for one person in economy excursion class with the upper limit of Rs 70,000. 

Additionally, Capexil will also promote the participants of Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 (who will participate through Capexil) in the forthcoming Guadalajara International Book Fair 2019 where India is the Guest of Honour Country.  

Interested parties can write to Sunil Kumar, executive officer, Capexil at, or Angela Albert, project manager – sales & marketing, German Book Office, New Delhi at