Your business performance can earn you a Prism

The eighth edition of PrintWeek India Awards is underway, and your business merit can help you reign supreme at the Awards.

20 Jul 2016 | By Aditya Merchant

In the performance categories, the participants will be asked to submit documents of proof for their business performance during the previous fiscal year, i.e. 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.

The first Performance category is the PrintWeek India Printing Company of the Year. This Award is the ultimate accolade in the print industry. It recognises outstanding achievement, based on the financial and business performance of your company. Participants will be required to supply information which will substantiate their achievement if they wish to participate in this category.

Manipal Technologies grabbed their third PrintWeek India Company of the Year Award in 2015. The awe that Manipal Technologies enjoyed was replicated on the balance sheet as well, where it was head and shoulders above its closest competitors in all segments.

The Post-Press Company of the Year category is open to both trade finishers and in-house finishing departments. In addition to the financials, the judges will be looking for the use of a finishing process (or a combination of processes) that genuinely adds value to a printed product.

Kundli-based Replika Press have been numero uno in the Post-Presss Company of the Year category by winning four awards in a row. Replika’s stellar economic growth helped the company improve its credit rating from BBB (+) to A (-) from CARE Ratings.

Welbound Technical Services will be associating with PrintWeek India as the category sponsor for Post-Press Company of the Year.

The Pre-Press Company of the Year Award seeks to recognise a combination of outstanding financial performance and breakthrough pre-press achievements. Please supply information that highlights your pre-press achievement. Please note: Besides trade shops and bureaux, entries from in-house pre-press operations or subsidiaries will be accepted provided they are run as separate businesses with their own set of accounts.

The winners of the Pre-Press Company of the Year in 2015, Shilp Gravures are India’s pioneering and undisputed leader in electro-mechanical engraving, with a substantial market share in the flexible packaging industry. Shilp Gravures’ impeccable business performance helped them shine at the 2015 PrintWeek India Awards.

If you wish to have your work considered in any of these categories, and for complete entry guidelines, login to and be a part of the magnum opus of print.