Brilliant Polymers invests Rs 100-cr in capacity expansion

Manufacturer of laminating adhesives for flexible packaging, Brilliant Polymers has announced a large-scale capacity expansion in the form of a new plant at its site in Ambernath.

06 Aug 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The new facility, which was inaugurated on 2 July 2022, will double the company’s production capacity and represents a significant milestone in the ongoing transformational growth journey of Brilliant Polymers. 

The recipient of several prestigious business growth and innovation accolades (including The Financial Times’ high growth companies in Asia-Pacific and The Economic Times’ India’s Growth Champions Award for the 100 fastest growing companies in India) the new facility leaves the company poised for a period of market domination.

Speaking on the occasion, Gaurav Talwar, managing director, said, “The capacity expansion comes at an opportune time as the flexible packaging industry continues to expand and the demand for our products remains high. With the completion of the second plant, Brilliant has further strengthened its position in the Indian and global markets. We are confident that our promise of technology, quality and service will continue to give us an edge.”

With an investment exceeding Rs 100-crore in the new plant, the company’s total capacity at the Ambernath site has doubled to 45,600 MT, which makes it one of the world’s largest single sites for the manufacture of laminating adhesives. 

Talwar added, “This investment is backed by a strong conviction in India’s growth potential as well as a deep and nuanced understanding of the market dynamics of the flexible packaging industry. We currently supply between 2.5 to 2.7% of the world’s requirement of solvent-based and solvent-free laminating adhesives; with our new capacity we expect to increase our share in the global market to over 5%.”

Brilliant Polymers started operations in 2013 and since then has grown to become the largest manufacturer of laminating adhesives for flexible packaging in India with a reputation for developing some of the industry’s most innovative and robust products. With the new capacity the company aims to strengthen its grip in global markets as well as in new technologies.

The new facility, inaugurated on 2 July, will double the company’s production capacity 

While focused on a period of rapid growth ahead, sustainability remains at the heart of Brilliant s growth strategy. “Every business is inextricably linked with the environment and the community in which it operates. We believe that a business can only be successful in the long term by creating value both for its shareholders and for society at large,” Talwar said. “At Brilliant Polymers, we believe that we have a responsibility to deliver business growth while having a positive impact on people and the planet. Our aim is to be a business that delivers value to all stakeholders economically, socially and environmentally.”

To achieve this, the company has formulated the Brilliant Polymers Sustainable Growth Plan: a bold ambition to decouple growth from environmental footprint, while increasing positive social impact. The plan is rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has three main pillars — economic, environmental and social.

“The Brilliant Polymers Sustainable Growth Plan puts sustainability at the core of their business strategy. As we continue our journey in this resource-constrained, climate-impacted world, we believe that a robust sustainability strategy is a prerequisite for survival and success,” Talwar added.

Established in 2011, Brilliant Polymers is the leading supplier of laminating adhesives for flexible packaging. Its solutions include a comprehensive range of solvent based and solvent free adhesives. End use applications include food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other industrial applications.