Brigar Media invests in two Ricoh kits

Ahmedabad-based Brigar Media has installed a Ricoh Pro C5310S Color Digital Production Press and a Ricoh Pro 8310S Monochrome Digital Press. The machine was supplied by Monotech Systems.

26 Nov 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Sagar Shah of Brigar Media

Established in August 2020, Brigar Media offers digital book printing services and is run by Sagar Shah and Brijesh Panchal, both of whom work as directors.

According to Shah and Panchal, the company opted for the Ricoh kits for its quality and robustness. Also, the company offers best after-sales service, which is very important. According to Shah, after-sales service is the biggest challenge in the digital print business.

Shah added that the company went for Ricoh to take advantage of the future of digital printing. “Technically, we were quite sound and by personally taking a trial of the machine, we were able to tackle the challenge,” he said.

Before this investment, the company was using a Konica Minolta 6120.

Shah added that with the new investment, the company is able to print on time and is able to satisfy its customers.

Now, Brigar Media hopes to get the ROI on the investment in the next four-five years.

“This joint investment will enable Brigar Media to deliver both monochrome and colour applications to their customers. Earlier, they used to serve colour printing applications from outside but now they will be able to make it in-house. Both the engines are robust productive and offer high quality. We congratulate Brigar Media for their association and their trust in the Ricoh and Monotech Systems." Akash Kumar, marketing head, Monotech Systems, said.