Brand Factory’s #MadeforMumbai campaign impresses Mumbaikars

Brand Factory, a fashion discount chain by Future Group, is now open in 10 locations across Mumbai. To highlight this, Brand Factory deployed a 360 degrees campaign across the city by launching the campaign #MadeForMumbai. This campaign was inspired by the quintessential Mumbaikar who is glamorous yet price conscious.

20 Jun 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

To establish the #MadeForMumbai concept and to reach out to all the Mumbaikars, Brand Factory took an aggressive approach and launched the campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which was backed by extensive outdoor advertising, print ads and on-ground activity. Mumbaikars instantly connected with the message and the campaign reached 5 million people across all social media platforms, generating numerous conversions on each platform.

This was followed by a unique on-ground cutting chai activity. Brand Factory identified the cutting chai as unique and peculiar to Mumbai and communicated their core proposition of ‘cutting prices 365 days’. The tapris in Mumbai also got a makeover when Brand Factory replaced their old cutting glasses with the new ones which had the proposition printed on it.

Through the power of Facebook and Instagram, Brand Factory started the ‘Cutting Challenge’. This challenge instantly became a hit among the Mumbaikars and soon Mumbai’s most popular influencers like Ankita Lokhande, Amruta Khanvikar and RJ Malishka participated in this challenge. The 20 Instagram posts got 800,000 likes, 5,463 comments and a massive reach of 10 million which boosted the Insta followers by 10 times.

The campaign was further amplified with a music video, which had a rap song on the city and Brand Factory. The music video garnered nearly two million views and 8,000 shares which took the #MadeForMumbai campaign to new heights.

The campaign worked wonders for Brand Factory as the sales number went up by three times and all the 10 stores of Mumbai saw a steep rise in footfalls.

Roch D’Souza, marketing head, Brand Factory said, “There are many similarities between Mumbai and Brand Factory. Just like cutting chai, Brand Factory is cutting prices 365 days with discounts! We wanted to celebrate many such similarities through our campaign and made sure we imbibe the true spirit of Mumbai and that’s how #MadeForMumbai came to life everything we did on digital, print, outdoor or radio”

The chain of fashion discount stores has 69 outlets across 28 cities in India. It offers 200+ Indian and International fashion brands at 20-70% discount, 365 days a year.


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