Bpack invests in Indus Print ERP system

The Ahmedabad-based company wanted to make its business more productive and competitive by integrating end-to-end processes.

08 Mar 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Dhruv Chokshi with his father, Roopak Chokshi

Ahmedabad-based packaging company Bpack has invested in an Indus Print ERP system as part of its infrastructure expansion and modernisation, and the necessity to keep tabs on the rising inflation and raw material prices affecting business processes.

Planning to change the way of functioning their business, the company has invested heavily in automation and infrastructure to cater to the changing consumer behaviours and trends.

Founded in 1991, Roopak Chokshi started his dream and vision for entering into the packaging industry. With a small team of production and a single accountant, they started manufacturing and trading under the name of Balaji Tex Dyes for the supply of corrugated boxes, printed cartons and die-cut cartons.

Dhruv Chokshi (Roopak’s son) holds a Masters in International Hospitality Management from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Australia. On completion of his degree and after getting seven years of rich hospitality experience as a hotel general manager, he jumped into the family business in early 2020. Dhruv’s sound business stability allowed him to continuously search for new ways of improving the overall product offering to their clients.

They formed a new company Bpack Industries and have already registered for their unique trademark logo. His main goal as a director is to maintain client's longevity through healthy business relationships by applying his focus on every aspect of productivity for a smooth supply delivery to the respective clients by meeting their expectations.

Speaking about the Indus Print investment, Chokshi says, “With the rising inflation YOY and raw material price fluctuating abnormally, we needed a manufacturing module that seamlessly integrates end-to-end processes and departments from start to finish. We wanted to make our business more productive, competitive, and responsive to our current and potential customers’ needs.”

That said, Bpack Industries is determined to make a difference. “Our vision is to be a globally admired business as the best packaging brand. Most importantly, representing India at a global level,” says Chokshi.

"Our action plans include providing the latest infrastructure to meet the growing demand, enabling our employees to participate in upskilling programmes, creating an environment that enables a positive work-life experience, and valuing safety, health, and mental well-being,” he added.

Chokshi is also a supporter of the Prime Minister’s 2030 vision to adopt AI technologies and support clean and green India. “Of course, we want to be amongst the best, ultra-modern printing and packaging companies in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India),” pledges Chokshi. 

In order to move forward with his vision, Chokshi set forth his requirements – ERP was one of them – to his industry colleagues. One of the inputs he got was that Indus Print had everything he needed to automate his process.

Subsequently, he called Indus Analytics’ team for a demo and found a robust and automated process workflow in it. “We have seen other available ERPs, but found Indus Print ERP to be way better than its competitors because of the wide array of features,” says Chokshi.

Bpak found the software to be easy to operate, configurable, and implementable with the existing team. “It’s a well-managed combo of all printing verticals. It has AI-based cost estimation, best fit imposition, discounts management, multiple quantity, and version calculations, pre-press estimation, pre-/post-service calculations, ink calculation, tablet-based production module, and many more,” he added.  

“Indus print ticked all our boxes both technically and practically,” says Chokshi. “Team Indus Analytics has expertise in business process automation (BPA) and they are very professional to understand your requirements and configure the ERP according to the process definition as required.”

Chokshi says he was impressed with the knowledge of the team with the BPA implementation. “They convinced me to adopt standardisation in press management to scale it up in the future. As I am from the hospitality industry, I can understand what service quality is required to satisfy the customer and team Indus is doing it efficiently.”

Chokshi also confirmed with PrintWeek that their new plant, which is currently under construction, is strategically situated on the Ahmedabad– Rajkot Highway, Bavla, and operations will commence in early April.

“This plant, equipped with modern technologies to meet production demands and new packaging trends, will be one of the largest printing and packaging plants in Gujarat. We will have complete in-house pre-press, press and modern post-press technologies to stay ahead of the competition,” Chokshi concludes.