Boxtech says Velocity Plus folder-gluer is its most popular product

The new Velocity Plus folder-gluer from Boxtech is a high-speed automatic carton folder-gluer for straight line and crash-lock bottom cartons. Intended for high accuracy and high performance to get best output for the end user, the machine has total 585 installations. According to Ananth Nayak, managing director, Boxtech Bangalore, the Velocity Plus is one of the popular products from the company’s inventory.

12 Feb 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Ananth Nayak, managing director, Boxtech Bangalore

Boxtech Bangalore, the manufacturer of the Boxtech brand of carton folder-gluer, was established in 2000 by Ananth K Nayak. The company manufactures Boxtech carton folder and gluers are designed specifically for gluing small high-value cartons (mono/ duplex / three-ply cartons/ corrugated).

With operating speed up to 250-m/min, the Velocity Plus can handle straight line, crash lock-bottom cartons, double wall partition cartons, danglers and tapered cartons.

“We have added an additional collector unit to improve the production rate. The machine was designed by upgrading our Velocity model which has an independent pre-fold unit, and lock-bottom unit, with optional glue flap grinder or plasma attachment, and future-ready upgradable for QA system,” Nayak said.

Nayak said the Velocity Plus is popular because the machine is designed considering the end users’ requirement in mind. “The biggest challenge is the turnover time between short-run jobs. This machine was developed considering quicker setup time and better flexibility, as well products it can handle. We have also provided inline barcode sensing as accessory for select customers.”

He added that by upgrading the quality, technology, metallurgy and the manufacturing process, the company was able to achieve the best performance with high output, less vibrations, and less man-hour effort.

“We have made changes on the frames to make it rigid and to keep the center of gravity low, to reduce vibration. In other words, the machine offers a complete package for maintenance-free operation,” he said.

According to Nayak, a folder-gluer needs to be versatile in order to produce a wider range of carton styles depending on design and market trends.

“Also, we must consider that good operators are hard to find these days. Thus, training is the most important thing to be considered after the folder-gluer is installed,” he said.

For the last couple of years, the company has been producing over 40 machines in a year. “We have started a second unit in an area measuring 22,000-sqft to deal with the rate of production and cater to the latest technology machines and to have separate research unit,” Nayak added.