Boxtech Bangalore forging ahead with 640 installations

Stepping into its 23rd year of manufacturing folder-gluers exclusively, Boxtech Bangalore is expanding into more innovative features to incorporate multi-type folding cartons, exporting to different destinations overseas. Meanwhile, the company has completed more than 640 installations in India and other countries.

10 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Ananth Nayak and Ajay A Nayak of Boxtech Bangalore

“With our constant upgradation and our focus on technology, we have been able to produce and sell folder-gluers according to the customer’s requirement for various sizes,” Ajay A Nayak, CEO, Boxtech Bangalore, said. “There is a high demand for folder-gluers in the Indian market. The packaging sector is growing rapidly, and to meet the demand in a competitive market with many Indian and imported manufacturers, we are able to sustain and supply more and more machines every year.”

He added, “Every time we have a new challenge when we meet and discuss with our new customers when they come up with a new type of carton design, we start working to find the solution to meet the customer’s demand without changing the design.”

Boxtech Bangalore has come up with new advanced features in its Velocity Plus model, recently installed in Navneet Education, for customised applications. The machine was installed in November 2022.

In another benchmark, the Velocity Plus kit at Sikkim-based Macleods Pharmaceuticals has given a remarkable performance.

Other customers who recently opted for the Velocity Plus model for its performance and production capacity include Ahmedabad-based Jhanvi Packaging, Baddi-based Durga Printing & Packaging, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu-based Jaya Multicolour Printers, Dehradun-based Verma Industry, and Thane-based Integrity Packaging.

Surendranagar-based Adinath Offset purchased the same machine with carton collector and plasma surface treatment.

Nayak said the Velocity Plus machine can handle different designs, such as straight line, lock-bottom, double wall, partition carton, dangler cartons and specialised cartons.

“We have glue flap grinding or plasma surface treatment for good bonding for UV and MetPET cartons. We are also planning to increase the speeds in our Velocity Plus model in near future and this particular model is the highest-selling machine for the last two years. We have different sizes range in the machine starting from 450-mm to 1100-mm maximum open blank,” he said.

He added that the company’s Ecomatic model is also in demand for its performance and for being economically cost-effective for startups and small-scale businesses in the folding-gluing segment.

The company has installed nine Ecomatic models in the last six months in ACE Data Prinexcel, Coimbatore; Ambika Enterprises, Okhla; Rex Waves Print O Pack in Delhi; Hive Packs, Kerala; Surya Packaging, Chennai; National Packaging, Roorkee; Megspro Packers and Printers, Mysore; and Kamath Packaging, Mangalore.

Meanwhile, Morbi-based Aum Packaging has installed an Ecomatic Essence, designed as a duo of duplex as well as three-ply corrugated cartons for larger size three-ply E-flute cartons.

In the export side of the business, the company has recently sold a Velocity Plus model to Karbala, Iraq-based Dar-Al-Kafeel Printing, Publishing & Distributions, an Ecomatic model to Saudi Arabia-based Almutmaizon Modern Commercial.

“Looking back, 2022 was a fantastic year with good growth. We are looking forward to furthering the prospects. We are expanding our team globally to aim for newer destinations and looking forward to doubling the manufacturing in the next financial year,” Nayak said.