Book on Pantones as CMYK

The Printing Technologists Forum has launched a colour reference book titled CMYK Shades Pantones as CMYK on 18 July at Anna University, Chennai.

16 Aug 2016 | By Sriraam Selvam

The book was unveiled by The Hindu’s K Balaji and HP India country manager A Appadurai received the first copy of the book.

The Printing Technologists Forum partenered with HP to create this book printed on Indigo 5600 at Chennai-based PM Digital Products.

The book consists of 110 blocks of 121 CMYK colour combination each, which amounts to a total of 13,310 colour patches. It contains 1045 Pantone Shades in their equivalent CMYK combination.

“There is often a conflict between what the designer wants and what the final product looks like. This leads to a lot of unwanted situations between the designer, client and the printer. This is where the use of a colour reference book printed under standartd printing conditions will be of great help,” said P Chellapan of PM Digital.