Bombay Enterprise strengthens its embellishment offering with AccurioShine

Mumbai-based Bombay Enterprise has recently invested in an AccurioShine 3600 to meet its customers’ changing requirements in digital embellishment, foil embellishment, and others.

30 Jan 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Deepu Devda of Bombay Enterprise

Deepu Devda, operational director, Bombay Enterprise, said, “Earlier, we were in the offset printing business and then expanded into production printing and invested in the AccurioShine 3600 and other machines after realising the demand of the market.”

He said that the company was satisfied with Konica Minolta’s services as the product offers a wide array of services, and its team provides round-the-clock assistance. “Currently, we have only smaller machines in the unit, but we expect to add bigger ones to our inventory soon. We believe Konica Minolta is the best option. Of course, the cost will increase, but we have customers who want quality and are ready to pay,” he added.

About the impact of the AccurioShine 3600 on the shopfloor, Devda said, “We have a daily schedule and could not deliver on urgent requests. But after the installation of the AccurioShine, we have been able to perform jobs in addition to our daily schedule easily. If we don’t have the load on the machine, we can manage to complete the urgent task in 15- 20 minutes which would’ve not been possible before the AccurioShine 3600.”

Along with the AccurioShine 3600, the company has also invested in Konica Minolta's offline foiling unit AccurioShine 101. 

“We use machines manufactured by other brands for digital printing, lamination, corona treatment and creasing, cutting, and punching,” Devda said. 

Bombay Enterprise has been in the print business for more than two decades. Its customers are in the print contracting and consultancy business. The company shifted to in-house digital printing operations when the requirement for digital content increased.  

The key market segments the company caters to are cards (both visiting and invitation), brochures and cloth tagging. “We are planning to expand into the labelling segment, in which we can provide UV and foil labels to wine manufacturers,” Devda said.

Devda said there has been a visible rise in demand for more digital printing jobs. “Our new customers are into quality jobs, which we can provide using Konica Minolta’s AccurioShine 3600. We are receiving jobs from offset printing houses and many other Konica Minolta customers who have printing machines but need help to provide the UV and foiling facility.”

The company currently has 12 members in its team, and Devda said there are plans to expand further. “We have well-trained people onboard who can handle all the tech-based modern equipment. To acquaint ourselves with its functioning of the AccurioShine 3600, Konica Minolta offered a two-week training,” he said.