Boman Irani hails print industry as amazing

Boman Irani, Indian actor, highlighted his journey at the BMPA's Print Summit 2024, held at NCPA Tata Theatre, on 18 January

18 Jan 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

Irani spoke about his story not being an extraordinary one. He took the audience through his journey and shared life lessons which resonated with the audience. He said how he was always passionate about theatres, movies, and enjoyed watching movies.

He shared his takeaway from his childhood, “You must want something. If you don't want something, then you do not have a story to tell.” He said despite all the challenges and difficulties, one must have the will to continue.

Irani shared a story about his conversation with his grandmother. He said to her, “I would like to be a waiter”. To which she replied, “You can be a waiter, but become the best of them.” He urged everyone to not judge a kid by his grades or marks.

His journey then followed up with his first job, which he was also passionate about; sports photography. Irani landed a job to photograph a Norwegian boxer, and made USD 900 for three photographs.

During the talk he mentioned his mother multiple times, who always supported him, and took pride. He started his acting career by playing a role for three minutes. He believes that no role is small or big. “Believe in yourself,” were his words. “If you don't believe what you are selling, how do you expect the buyer to do so,” he added.

After many theatre performances and plays, he was offered the role of a supporting actor in the movie Munna Bhai MBBS. He mentioned the movie did not create a buzz for the initial days, then later on became a big hit. He won his first award for best supporting actor, for playing Asthana in Munna Bhai MBBS.

Lastly, Irani quoted Bruce Lee, “Fear not a man with 1,000 kicks, but a man who has one kick practised 1,000 times.”

He also concluded, "Print industry has so much to offer, and it is growing at a rapid pace."

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