Boettcher seminar for Sivakasi printers

Boettcher India, collaboration of the Sivakasi Master Printers Association, organised a seminar titled, Together with tomorrow, in Sivakasi on 15 June.

24 Aug 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Prabhat Kumar, product marketing manager, Boettcher India

Considered to be one of the printing hubs in India, Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu is famous for firecrackers, match boxes, and packaging and commercial printing, such wedding cards, notebooks, calendar/diary, etc.

The event was attended by more than 75 printers. The presentation was made with a focus on preparedness for tomorrow’s challenges.

Prabhat Kumar, product marketing manager, Boettcher India, said, “We dwelt upon the role and responsibilities of Boettcher India, which was carried out in the last 16 years in terms of awareness of good practices, such as ECS System, to be adopted on the machines. We also discussed how Boettcher rollers are value for money, how better washes and better maintenance pay back in the long run.”

The seminar also discussed the new demands and compliance required for packaging printers.

Prabhat Kumar and Arun Kumar from Boettcher made respective presentations on chemistry and rollers.

The seminar also highlighted how Boettcher did not merely act as trading partner but also created awareness about implication of non-standard products on their machines, health of the worker at the press and ultimately the environment.

“It was our first initiative of the year and it was quite successful,” Prabhat Kumar said. “This market has always been our strong base. We have also hired a sales person, Mr Kumaran, who has done a good job in the last one year. We are hopeful that in the future, our business will grow manifold.”