Bobst Ambition folder-gluer doubles DH Printpack’s productivity

Packaging and commercial print specialist DH Printpack has doubled its folding-gluing capacity after investing in a brand new Bobst folder-gluer.

16 Sep 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

Dhamdhere (r) with Suraj Sharma of Bobst

The Pune-based company said the investment in the Bobst Ambition106 A2 has significantly reduced its production time, particularly in the finishing process. 

The new machine, fully operational in July 2021, is capable of producing folded cartons – straight-line open-width of a minimum of 76mm and a maximum of 1060 mm; and crash lock-bottom open-width of a minimum of 146mm and a maximum of 1060mm sizes at speeds of up to 300 mtr/min. The machine has been an expansion of sorts as it is fitted with a corrugation kit and extended delivery. “The machine can complete a wide array of complex folding and gluing applications, which includes corrugated boxes,” said Dhanraj Dhamdhere, managing director at DH Printpack.

In the packaging vertical, the company specialises in paper cartons and boxes, corrugated boxes, printed labels, laminated packing boxes, sweet boxes and kraft paper bags for clients such as Pravin Masalewale, Bajaj, Syska, Schmersal India, Swarovski India, Jabil Circuit, Weikfield Food and Sujanil Chemo Industries among others. 

The company is equipped with a Heidelberg Speedmaster five-colour and KBA Rapida 104 four-colour, both pre-owned presses. Besides the Bobst Ambition 106 A2, the converting section has an Excel Maxima auto die-cutting, a pre-owned Bobst SP 1080 die-cutting, two local folding-gluing machines, and an Autoprint Fine Coat 65 UV machine.

Explaining the converting operations, Dhamdhere said that prior to installing the Bobst Ambition machine, his company would produce sheets that would be punched and folded-glued to produce 3-lakh cartons, taking about 20 hours – that’s almost like two and a half shift, with ten people employed. “This has now come down to eight hours, but output has doubled to 6-lakh cartons in a single shift,” he said. “Besides, those operators had to work extended hours, which was taking a toll on the quality too. Now we can produce quality cartons, because of the automation. Once productivity increases, there are savings in – human resources, materials and time – less material used means fewer wastages and rejections.

A graphic designer employed part-time in an advertising agency, Dhamdhere began his print-packaging business in 2005 with a proprietary firm, Print Creators. As the business grew, he decided to get into printing. In 2013, Dhamdhere invested in a secondhand printing press in a rented space. “In 2015, as we took further strides in our business, we incorporated Print Creators as DH Printpack, a private limited company, investing in our own site. Since then, we have continued to invest in equipment and expanding our operations across Maharashtra,” he said.

Dhamdhere: "Our cartons output has doubled to 6-lakh cartons in a single shift"

Dhamdhere said that he had a wide range of considerations to take into account when making such a significant investment during the lockdown. Still, the main deciding factor was the accuracy, durability, and peace of mind one gets when buying a Bobst machine. He said, “When there was a buzz in the market that DH is planning on investing in a folder-gluer, a few folder-gluer manufacturers from the Far East approached me. While discussing the features, I found that - if one machine could perform a certain task, it could not do a few others. Fortunately for me, these loopholes were brought to light by the different dealers, who were pitch-forking their products’ features and benefits while highlighting the shortfalls of their competitors from the Far East. Bobst was the only machine that was perfect in all respects. Furthermore, Bobst support has been very prompt and helpful.” 

Dhamdhere is confident that his investment in these challenging times will hold him in good stead in the future. “I have always believed in investing when the chips in the market are down. That’s when you get the time to think how you will move ahead once the market opens up.” He is also confident that the packaging market is bound to grow. For example, Dhamdhare said, “Pune is surrounded by sugar-cane belts, and companies manufacturing sugar. Earlier, sugar used to be filled in 25-30 kg bags (potha as it is called in Marathi), but as time passed, buying sugar in loose forms started to change. Now it is packed in smaller packs of 5kgs and 10kgs. Packaging has now become a must.”

DH’s next acquisition is going to be a Bobst die-cutter and Pratham’s leaflet machine. “We would like to grow even further and position ourselves as one of the top packaging converters of Maharashtra, and that would happen if we are equipped with sturdy machinery and equipment that makes zero-fault packaging a reality for us as well as our customers,” Dhamdhare concluded.

DH has a turnover of Rs 16-crore and has 70 staff members.

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