BMPA’s VisCon to mull future trends

Bombay Master Printers Association (BMPA) is set to host the first-ever, Vision Conference on 5 and 6 July 2022. The Goa edition will see the who’s-who of printing and package-print verticals from all over India.

06 Jun 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Vision Conference, 5 and 6 July 2022 at Goa

“The movers and shakers in-print, the veterans and thinkers and doers are coming together to build and fulfil an agenda whose theme is: Macro view, disruption, crossroads,” said Faheem Agboatwala, a key member of BMPA’s Share-to-Benefit (StB)forum. “Hence the title: Vision Conclave. It will be an event of, by and for the visionary.”

The group’s findings will be published as an exclusive white paper in leading print media magazines and journals. PrintWeek is Vision Conclave’s media partner. PrintWeek is championing the resources for the Conclave’s unique networking tool – The Black Book. “It would give you a hint of what the Vision Conclave aims to build over,” said Agboatwala.

On Day One, 5 July, print industry enthusiasts who double up as economists will be led by an authoritative persona from India Inc; and together the data will be analysed - in an understandable way – to establish the grounds on which the India story holds its grand promise. Specific outcomes for the print and package-print industry will be established.

“By end of Conclave’s Day One, we would have clearly highlighted and established the potential andopportunity coming from the India story. We will threadbare discuss the significanceof such movements to the prospects and growth of the ancillary industries such asours. Domain specialists attending the Vision Conclave will condense the day’s proceedings into a suitable digest for purpose of takeaway from Day One,” said Agboatwala. 

On Day Two, a panel session in which both the panellists (experts) and the powerhouse print and package-print invitees will discuss the future through the prism of foreseeable disruptions coming along across consumption, branding, and design, technology, AI and its avatars, production and supply chain. There will be an expert summing up of the proceedings before the Conclave closes.

“No company is excellent at everything but most are excellent at a number of things. Together: the men and women who power businesses in print, will chart a way forward for our industry, identifying the risks and opportunities,” concluded Agboatwala.

Getting to Vision Conclave
Only BMPA members have the option and opportunity to attend the Vision Conclave. At once, you get to be the ringside observers and also network with top of the chart businesses under a Conclave whose mission is giving direction and bringing Vision. If interested to know more please drop us an email at and BMPA will take the conversation forward. 

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