BMPA’s next webinar on 13 July 2021 will be an ‘out of body’ experience

In its ongoing series of Impact Knowledge webinars, BMPA’s next is a spiritual discourse – Dealing with Uncertainties – a unique interactive session with the UK-based spiritual legend, BK Sister Jayanti.

09 Jul 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

The last 16 months have been uncertain and the future too seems pretty unpredictable.

There are stories of fear, grief, and a sense of boredom pervading in the lives of those contending with both the first and the second wave of the Covid-19. The second wave has been a severe outbreak. “There is no one who has not been affected in one way or the other. And we just latch on to the solace we find in family, friends, and in what we ourselves do to help others,” said Iqbal Kherodawala, president of BMPA.

The honorable secretary of the BMPA, Amit Shah, said, “BK Sister Jayanti is going to speak to us on a subject which everyone is concerned about - uncertainty. Whilst we may not be able to change what’s happening, we must find a way to deal with it. In my opinion, it is a ‘must-attend’ webinar.”

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Also, enthuse your friends and colleagues to join in. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to do a live Q/A session on 13th July at 6 pm.

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