Bizongo launches free online proofing tools

B2B packaging major, Bizongo, has launched a free online artwork proofing platform for buyers to lock-in the various attributes of the packaging design, including colour, font, size and shape.

04 Sep 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The Color Extractor tool provides accuracy in colour codes in both CMYK and Pantone models

The platform will be in sync with the sellers, who would be able to check the requirements of the brand and acknowledge them simultaneously. Aniket Deb, co-founder, Bizongo, said, "Now we - and the buyers - can focus much more on getting the artworks done and therefore provide a better service to the customers."

The platform aims to facilitate the proofing of artwork designs, which depend on certain parameters and a complex communication cycle. The artwork design requires a combined effort of designers, brand managers, marketing, legal and packaging professionals.

“Artwork proofing tools help brands and packaging teams approve packaging artworks and expedite product’s time-to-market. The next time you have to proof an artwork, it can be done in a minimal amount of time with these artwork proofing tools,” added Deb.

The online artwork proofing tools

PDF Compare - Compare them right
A simple comparison tool that proofs the artwork files on uploading different versions and choosing a mode to view the differences between PDF files. The online tool enables the on-screen display of the compared and highlighted changes.

Measurement Scale - Measure it properly
A free virtual ruler tool that measures dimensions in a matter of seconds.  It is capable of measuring the dimensions of various design elements.

Font Finder - Fonts make an impression
The Font Finder tool locates the exact names of font styles used in the desired artwork PDF file. It is a proofing tool to identify fonts used in artwork designs.

Color Extractor - Role of colours
The Color Extractor feature provides accuracy in colour codes in both CMYK and Pantone models. It is a tool to assist designers and printers with colour verification before printing.

The maximum size of the PDF file that can be uploaded on the platform is 50 Mb. Bizongo has also introduced a tool for 3D visualisation of the artwork such as a dieline file for packaging cartons. "There are 3-4 additional tools are in the pipeline which is yet to be launched. All of these tools will be free to use as well," said, a representative from Bizongo.

The online proofing tool is a substantial addition to Bizongo’s Artwork Flow, a free cloud-based platform for artwork management, which aims to organise and collaborate artwork files with ease.

The platform helps customised workflows for artwork approvals; has a checklist for different teams in the process; integrates pre-media agencies for direct solutions, and completes online artwork proofing tools suite with cloud storage for multiple design projects.

Apart from the launch, Sachin Agrawal, co-founder, Bizongo and Prakash Shetty, director, Bizongo would be hosting a webinar on the topic ‘How to optimise corrugated box procurement’ on 5 September 2019.

The experts will shed light on the improvement of commercial savings on corrugated boxes; streamlining supply chain using value engineering and standardisation, and optimising the total cost of ownership through the supply chain and logistics simplification.

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