Binani upgrades its Manugraph presses

Nigeria–based Binani Printing Press has installed an add-on of Condot’s online variable data printing (VDP) and micro perforation system to its Manugraph presses.

02 Jan 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

VDP system installation at Binani Printing Press

Binani has two of Manugraph Cityline Express machines and this add-on has enabled it to use numbering as well as barcoding applications while printing.  

The numbering and barcoding applications include printing of serial numbers of regular, variable or two-dimensional barcodes, QR codes and postal codes, among others.

Installation of the micro perforation system

The add-on also helps in the printing of complex codes without the necessity of numbering or a barcoding tower. 

According to Binani, This upgraded press is aimed at the printing of election ballot papers in Nigeria.   

Manugraph India boasts of its presence in the continents such as South America, Europe and Asia, among others.