BILT announces price rise

BILT Graphic Paper Products is to increase the price of its Indian art paper grades across India. The rates shared by a paper trading company is "Rs 63 (plus GST) in November. In January, the rates are Rs 73 (plus GST)."

23 Jan 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

A BILT Graphic Paper Products statement issued on 18 January 2021 highlights the "inorganic price increases in market pulps, chemicals, coal and shipping freight in the past few weeks. These price increases in raw materials have a global footprint and impacted almost every paper supplier across the globe." The communique states that BILT's Unit BHU deploys 60% of imported materials plus the price increase in chemicals, coal and shipping freight will "directly impact the products' costing."

Meanwhile in an official statement which has been issued on 20 January 2021, BILT has said, the company has said new prices will apply from 21 January 2021 on uncoated varieties like Sunshine Super and its variants as well as Fine Print.

The communication adds, the price of uncoated paper was reduced by approximately 30% due to lower demand. However the demand has surged due to "the economy being back on track" and the education sector opening up.

Meanwhile Sappi Europe will increase the price of its coated and uncoated woodfree paper grades by 8%-10% across Europe.

In a statement, the paper manufacturer said: “Decreasing profitability combined with large, sudden cost increases, both in raw materials and logistics make a price increase unavoidable.”

Sappi said the increase on sheets and reels will be implemented by 1 March at the latest.