Bhumi World stepping up the print infrastructure in Bhiwandi

With over 100 printers blooming inside the Bhiwandi-based Bhumi World industrial park, it is set to become one of the biggest print hub of Maharashtra. In this segment, three converters share their experience of operating inside the Bhumi World

22 Apr 2019 | By Sujith Ail

(l-r) Ashish Jain of Arham, Dilip Shah of Devharsh, Rajeev Nair of Flora Prints

Arham Laser Puch
Area: 3,000 sq/ft

Arham Laser Punch deals in laser cutting solutions. It has been one year since Arham shifted to Bhumi World from older unit in the Bhiwandi city. At Bhumi World, there has been a significant jump in the number of jobs being converted owing to the presence of 100+ printers. 

Ashish Jain of Arham said, “Power facilities are one of the best. In our previous facility, there used to be irregular power cuts without any notice. At Bhumi World, there are hardly any power cuts. If at all there is any power cut, we receive the notification well in advance.”

Devharsh Infotech, Global Packaging
Area: 45,000 sq/ft

Under Devharsh, Dilip Shah operates security printing for cheque books, railway tickets, and marksheet. Under Global Packaging, Shah prints in-mould and sticker labels, and lamitubes. 

Dilip Shah of Devarsh Infotech said, “Earlier we had two units in Maharashtra – one in Vikhroli and another in Navi Mumbai and the third plant was in Surat. It was totally decentralised, creating a lot of miscommunications and unable to complete a job at a given time. At Bhumi World, we invested in a big area and brought all operations under one roof, this led to streamlining of the overall process. I appreciate the infrastructure built at the Bhumi World which is systematic and well planned.”

Also, there is the facility of 30% subsidy for the company having turnover more than 10 crores and 40% subsidy for companies having turnover less than 10 crores. 

“There has been complete support from the promoter Prakash Patel of Bhumi World; he has provided assistance in every way possible,” added Shah.

Flora Prints
Area: 10,000 sq ft

Flora Prints have been in the Bhumi World since last three years. Rajeev Nair of Flora Prints said, “Being at Bhumi World, provides good connectivity as it lies beside the Mumbai-Nashik highway. When plants are set up in interiors of the city, it is very difficult to get in and out of the city.” 

For Flora, electricity has been the major advantage at Bhumi world. They are working all seven days due to the continuous power supply. 
“I believe Bhumi World will become biggest printing hub of Maharashtra in coming years.

Bhumi World factfile:

Established: 2008
Total printers: 100+
Proximity: 12 kms from Thane
Electricity: 24x7