Bhubaneshwar’s Nutech upgrades pre-press with ThermoStar

Bhubaneshwar, Odisha-based Nutech Graphics has invested in a ThermoStar T9 CTP device. According to Ajay Mohapatra, director, Nutech, the decision to get a ThermoStar T9 was a no-brainer as the company has been associated with TechNova from the start. “We love the service support from TechNova as well as from the respective channel. We have been using TechNova plates in our existing two CTPs. Over all, we are satisfied with the performance the CTP,” he said.

13 Nov 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Ajay Mohapatra, director, Nutech: Output of the new machine is faster

He added that the output of the new machine is faster than the previous CTP and it is more user-friendly. So the lead time is reduced.

Previously, Nutech exposed TechNova thermal plates in its Kodak Trendsetter CTP. But the company decided to go for the Thermostar T9 because, “nowadays, customers want fast delivery of their jobs. Also, they want quality as per the prevailing market. So to meet customer expectations we must rely on digital plates,” Mohapatra said.

Founded by Ajay Kishore Mohapatra and Braja Kishore Mohapatra, Nutech Graphics started as Global Printers in 2001 with a manual screen printing machine. This was followed by a plate graining unit. In 2003, the company installed a letterpress, and also bought an Akiyama single-colour offset in 2003.

In 2007, Nutech got a two-colour Akiyama and installed its first four-colour offset machine, a Komori 426, in 2010. The first Cobalt Violet CTP came in 2011 and the second Kodak Trendsetter in 2016.

In 2016, the company installed a Mitshubshi 429 four-colour offset machine and set up a book binding unit with two NBG web machines, one lamination machine and two cutting machines.

In 2017, it installed Shinohara 52 four-colour offset machine, followed by a Komori 26 and a Komori 440.

This year, along with the TechNova ThermoStar T9 thermal CTP, the company has installed a Muller Martini auto station machine for its post-press. The company current turnover is over Rs 9-crore.

Currently, Nutech gets 60 to 70 % of its jobs from commercial printing markets, including jobs from other small and big printers and printing agencies and corporates. Other 40% of its jobs come from government departments, mainly health and education.

As per the major challenges in the digital printing plates business, Mohapatra said it’s the price. “But at the same time, I think customers are not aware of the key component for good quality print. They always want good quality prints. All we need is to convince them that the digital plate is the starting point to getting the quality. We have convinced 90% of our customers to use digital plates and they are satisfied,” he explained.