Bhopal’s Aadarsh installs Agfa Apogee Workflow

Bhopal-based Aadarsh has recently installed Agfa Apogee Workflow software supplied by TechNova Imaging Systems.

23 Oct 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Mudit Rajoriya, operations head, Aadarsh

V Siva Raja, managing partner, Five I Innovation Factory, a consultant to Aadarsh, recommended the Agfa software to the company.

Mudit Rajoriya, operations head, Aadarsh said, “The software has helped us to improve our efficiency and quality of the pre-press department. We recall the days where a simple imposition would take hours. Now, we can do it in a matter of minutes. We’re still learning about the software, given the wide spectrum of features it comes with, but I can say with confidence that it will help us grow to a great extent.”

He added that before installing the software, the company relied on manual imposition and checking. “But investing in the software has also educated us about what are key things that one has to keep in mind while processing a file,” he added.

Aadarsh is a 30-year-old company, which has worked with some of the top players of the world, working on projects like pop-ups, board books, greeting cards with glitter, foil, spot UV, drip-off, etc. Aadarsh has been an active participant at various international book fairs. Other than supplying within the country, it also exports to over 30 countries.

“We’ve always believed that it’s never a person who drives the company, but a solid team effort that ends up in making a good product. All thanks to the wonderful team that we have, some of whom have been associated with us since the very beginning,” Rajoriya added.

He said that there has been a substantial growth in value addition processes not only in the export markets, but also in the domestic market. “Almost all the packaging products and kids products have spot UV and glitter and foil today. These processes do really make the product very nice and rich,” he said.

Rajoriya said the software has revolutionised the way the company has worked so far. “We’re already looking at reducing plate wastage, the greater aspect in my opinion is the ease that comes with the software not just in the press but also post-press,” he said.

About his experience of TechNova’s pre and post-sales, Rajoriya said, “We have been associated with TechNova for the longest time. TechNova has helped us in almost every aspect of the business. The team has stood by us in all scenarios helping us out with all possibilities. The thing that clicks between TechNova and us is the ideology which is valuing relationships above all. So, the association has been getting stronger by the day. We made this investment with TechNova knowing that they’re going to be there.”