Bengaluru-based Print Craft Solutions invests in Bindwel

Bindwel's Bluechip, a single-clamp perfect binder, has been installed by Print Craft Solutions. The Bengaluru-based firm says the binder is ideal for digital and short-run commercial print work because of its easy changeovers.

05 Jul 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

Jagadish M of Print Craft Solutions

In a world of 24-hour turnarounds and same-day deliveries, delivering a job at speed is a familiar challenge to many printers. Bengaluru-based Print Craft Solutions is no stranger to fast turnarounds – and that's why Jagadish M of Print Craft Solutions invested in a Bindwel Bluechip to boost its post-press ops. The Bengaluru-based firm focuses on print-on-demand books as well as commercial print jobs.

Print Craft Solutions is housed in a 3,000 sq/ft factory and has a lean team of nine who operate the two Konica Minoltas, AccurioPress 6120 and AccurioPress C4080 for Color along with a Nagai cutting machine, smart-cut-creasing from Ashwin Enterprise, and a thermal lamination from Ashwin Enterprise along with the Bindwel.

Jagadish M said "Our clients are based in Bengaluru. However, we are targeting service customers in the periphery of Bengaluru as well as the rest of Karnataka." He said, "The USP of the press is quality, in-time service and one-stop solution to customers."
Recently, Print Craft Solutions produced a thousand-page Garuda Purana which was case-bound. But there are many print projects which the team is proud of. For instance, a thousand pieces of Koochie catalogues with all the pages with spot UV were completed in a record two days.

The Print Craft Solutions team says the aim is to impress the customer at first glance. Jagadish M said, "The quality should be good, with the actual colour balance matching the products and looking as realistic as it could ever be; plus the binding should be solid." He added, "Other than being incredibly reliable and offering top digital print quality – the turnaround time should be quick."

And that's what has helped Print Craft Solutions ink contracts with clients like Koochie, HCG, Fortis, Ramaiaha etc.

The Bindwel Bluechip perfect binding machine (single-clamp) ensures quality gluing through a three-roller application and separate side-gluing. Also, it enables adjustable nipping and customisable pressure and duration for various book types. The Bluechip milling station has an integrated cutter and notching teeth for precise spine preparation as well as dust extraction which keeps the workspace clean and safe.