Baumer HHS’s new lighting system to shorten setup time

In the production of complex folding cartons, such as six packs and other special designs, it is more cost-efficient to monitor glueing with line scan cameras than with individual sensors upwards of a certain number of glue joints. Baumer HHS has now developed a new linear lighting system based on high-power LEDs that accelerates job changeovers on folder-gluers by several minutes.

27 Apr 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The system helps verify quality even at high machine speeds

The overall design of the new linear lighting system with high-power LEDs is geared to optimum illumination. “Monitoring glue application with line scan cameras requires uniform, very bright lighting so the cameras can reliably verify quality even at high machine speeds. Our new solution guarantees this level of lighting, even at distances of up to 250-mm, meaning customers can install it above the belt guides in their folder-gluers. In other words, our new linear lighting system does not need to be readjusted or reconfigured during job changeovers. The setup time otherwise required for this task can be eliminated,” said Thomas Walther, head of business development at Baumer HHS.

The new lighting is an also a substitute for the mercury-containing UV tubes still used by many folding carton manufacturers to inspect quality in adhesive application. “These controversial lamps currently are exempt under the RoHS Directive, but the exemption probably won’t be renewed due to occupational safety concerns. Folding carton manufacturers who still work with UV tubes for quality inspection are going to need a suitable alternative. And we can provide it with our new linear lighting system,” Walther said.

With the new lighting, machine operators need not reconfigure the lighting during job changeovers, which rules out the risk of damage.

The lighting module is contained in an aluminium housing equipped with heat sinks. It protects the high-power LEDs, provides for optimum heat dissipation and allows for safe installation in folder-gluers.

The new linear lighting unit can connect to the Baumer HHS controller for a safe 24V power supply, but on customer request can also run on an external 24V power source.

“The risk associated with UV tubes of shattered glass or mercury leaks in the folding/glueing process is what prompted Baumer HHS early on to concentrate on LED lighting. Exploiting the latest LED technology is yet another way we are helping customers to optimise their quality assurance processes,” said Walther.

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