Baumer HHS promises customer commitment at Drupa 2020

Baumer HHS, the market-leading supplier of industrial adhesive application systems to folding carton, print finishing and other industries, wants to underscore its unique commitment to its customers’ interests with a new slogan — ‘Taking Care of’ — at Drupa 2020, to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 16 to 26 June. Baumer HHS chose the slogan to spotlight four themes — sustainability, investment protection, productivity and future reliability.

10 Feb 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

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Under the theme ‘Taking Care of the Environment’, Baumer HHS is presenting both new and proven solutions with which folding carton manufacturers, print finishers and other customers can reduce glue consumption and CO2 emissions and avoid waste. The company will further be demonstrating in Düsseldorf how UV tracers and in some cases colourants can be eliminated from packaging production to rule out the risk of contaminating the fibre cycle.

‘Taking Care of Your Investment’ is the theme for Baumer HHS’s services. The company’s range of services support its adhesive application and quality assurance systems, putting customers in a position to reliably meet the quality requirements of their own customers — in the brand-name products industry — in the long term and while maintaining maximum productivity. The theme ‘Taking Care of Your Production’ stands for the company’s ongoing efforts to optimally meet the demands of customers worldwide by supplying them with tailored solutions and taking regional conditions into account.

Finally, under the heading ‘Taking Care of Your Future’, the manufacturer of innovative adhesive application systems touches on the frequently long-term partnerships it cultivates with customers, which are geared to shared market success.

“Baumer HHS is viewed on the global market as the benchmark for service and quality. Since its establishment over 30 years ago, our company has racked up a number of pioneering achievements and with them strengthened the market position of its customers. Customers value Baumer HHS as a highly innovative and competent partner, who goes out of its way to address their individual needs, supports their interests and is always willing to venture with them into new territory,” Percy Dengler, general manager, Baumer HHS, said.

In addition to its own stand in Hall 6 (Stand A40), Baumer HHS is also participating as an advanced partner in the touchpoint packaging special show. In Hall 6, the company mainly will be exhibiting its latest solutions for industrial adhesive application along with the associated quality assurance systems. In the touchpoint packaging show, it will be presenting innovative ideas for enhancing sustainability and achieving an eco-friendly, future-oriented packaging production process based on two current projects.