Baumer HHS opens a second plant in Krefeld

Baumer HHS — one of the world’s leading manufacturers of proprietary solutions for industrial gluing and quality assurance — has seen steady growth ever since it started doing business in 1986. After relocating in early 2014 to new headquarters at its main site in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, the company already needs to expand production capacities again. On 1 May 2023, Baumer HHS opened a second plant, just a stone’s throw from its main location. The new building offers some 900 m2 in added production and storage space to support future company growth.

05 Jun 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The new facility offers 900 m2 in added production and storage space to support future company growth

“In recent years, we have introduced a number of pioneering innovations to the market, which packaging manufacturers had desperately been waiting for. We originally had planned our headquarters to allow for generous expansion, but because of the strong demand for our solutions, we have outgrown the facility and now need additional production and storage space. We are thrilled to have found it, close to our main site, in a new business district in Krefeld-Uerdingen,” explains plant manager Dr Frauke von Knoop, head of Baumer HHS’s three production sites in Krefeld-Uerdingen and Berlin.

Folding carton and corrugated packaging manufacturers, as well as end-of-line equipment providers, have long appreciated the performance, flexibility and reliability of solutions from Baumer HHS, not to mention its willingness to respond to their individual needs. They also have been able to significantly improve the sustainability of their products and processes using recent groundbreaking innovations from Baumer hhs that cater to the megatrend in the industry towards resource-efficient packaging production.

At its new plant, which is just three minutes on foot from headquarters, Baumer HHS has a high-bay warehouse with 500 pallet spaces, primarily for storing semi-finished goods and sub-assemblies. 

At its new site, Baumer HHS also has additional conference rooms for in-house meetings. They free up existing rooms at headquarters for meetings with customers from all over the world, who travel to Krefeld-Uerdingen to visit the 300 m2 hhs solution centre and work with company specialists to test innovative applications in industrial gluing and quality assurance.

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