Baldwin to unwrap the secret to accurate colour at Packaging Innovations 2018

Baldwin Vision Systems, market leader in colour management, register control, and defect management technology, will feature the latest automated solutions during Packaging Innovations 2018, to be held at Olympia London, from 12 to 13 September 2018. Experts will be on-hand throughout the show to demonstrate how converters and brand owners can utilize simplified yet powerful automated workflow solutions to eliminate defects and deliver perfect colour across their operation.

31 Aug 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Color Measurement with DeltaCam provides accurate inline spectral measurements, reducing waste and ensuring all printed products are within print customers’ colour specifications

Baldwin Vision Systems’ innovative product range enables a more efficient, automated production process for managing the complex requirements and exacting standards required throughout the packaging industry. This streamlined workflow provides numerous benefits to the converter and their customers, such as consistent, accurate print quality, reduced waste, and reduced customer rebates — all delivering a faster return on investment.

Stephen Matthews, regional sales manager for Baldwin Vision Systems in the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia, said, “When it comes to packaging design, colour inconsistencies will often be negatively interpreted by the consumer. It can affect brand awareness, recognition or even lead them to believe the product inside is inferior. The need for accurate colour across the same or several product ranges by one brand is critical in a world of fast-paced consumer buying habits. For the first time at Packaging Innovations, we will showcase our market-leading solutions that enable brands and packaging converters to achieve consistent colour and enjoy all the benefits of an automated print process—such as fewer production errors and therefore, less waste.”

Among the products highlighted on the Baldwin’s stand is ColorTrack — an intuitive software that facilitates fast, accurate press-side correction of ink formulations. This “colour expert in a box” software automates the process of delivering absolute consistency from press-to-press, shift-to-shift, and plant-to-plant.

Color Measurement with DeltaCam delivers affordable, accurate inline spectral measurement to achieve absolute colour consistency. Packaging converters can utilise accurate, automated L*a*b* measurement on film, paper, or board, ensuring that all printed products are within the customers’ colour specifications.

Using InkWeigh software and scales, press operators can eliminate trial and error by weighing and tracking ink corrections at the press for each client, each job. Printers can also optimise and reduce leftover storage and ensure full traceability.

As a new business unit formed by Baldwin Technology Company, Baldwin Vision Systems strategically combines the expertise and technology of acquired businesses PC Industries, QuadTech, and Web Printing Controls to form the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio available for print process automation, inspection, and related services.

Matthews concluded, “This new powerhouse of technologies enables Baldwin Vision Systems to offer complete software and hardware solutions. It’s an exciting time for our valued customer base, and for prospects wanting to speak to us during the show, as this combined expertise and resource creates a unique proposition. The option to tie in multiple products from one leading supplier maximises our customers’ investment and provides a more coherent solution to meet demand for fast, accurate colour and quality control. Packaging Innovations is sure to provide the ideal platform to connect with the packaging community, showcase the benefits of our products, and communicate this new and unique offering.”