Balaji Digital gets Ricoh Pro

To deliver enhanced graphics and larger print volume, New Delhi-based Balaji Digital recently invested in a Ricoh Pro C7200X colour digital production press. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

28 Jul 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

B Shyam Babu with the Ricoh Pro C7200X

Founded in 2013 by B Shyam Babu, Balaji Digital has been into business of high-end commercial printing for clients from different industrial clusters as well as diverse walks of life. 

Remembering the early days, Babu said, “I have been in the printing and packaging industry for about three decades. After working in different companies, I eventually decided to start something my own — that’s how Balaji Digital was born.”

He continued, “I was earlier based in Andhra Pradesh, then moved to New Delhi in the early 1900s. It was a transition phase for me getting into a new avatar of a business owner. Right from day one, we, at Balaji Digital, decided to offer unique and premium graphic prints or finished products that stand apart amid the crowd. For that, we had to be equipped with high-end machines and technologies.”

The Ricoh Pro C9100 was the first digital production press installed at the production setup of Balaji Digital. “There were some specific reasons why we chose Ricoh over any other digital production machines readily available in the market. The Ricoh digital presses are workhorses designed perfectly for high-volume production compatibly on a broad range of heavy stocks,” Babu said.

He added: “We are very much into job work. We engage in the printing and production of anything under the sun in accordance with what our customers want, right from business cards up to high-quality marketing materials. To meet the instant requirement of our customers we were exploring the option of purchasing another digital production press — of course, Ricoh press.

He said, being a long-term Ricoh customer, the company relies on the brand. “So, we opted for Ricoh Pro C7200X,” he said.

The Ricoh Pro C7200X is a heavy-duty machine to print up to 85-ppm. It can take up a wide range of stocks up to 360-gsm with the industry’s highest print resolution of 2,400x4,800-dpi. This highly flexible digital production press boasts unique features like a fifth toner station for white, clear, metallic, neon and invisible inks. 

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