Avery Dennison, Shakti Plastic partner to recycle label waste

In its continuing effort to advance sustainability in the label and packaging industry, materials science and manufacturing company Avery Dennison recently announced a partnership with Shakti Plastic Industries, a leading recycler in India that will enable its customers and end-users in India to re-purpose label waste.

25 Nov 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

The Association of Label Printers and Suppliers (ALPS) has joined hands with Avery Dennison in promoting the initiative

Under the arrangement, participating label converters and end-users will be able to co-process or reprocess their leftover label matrix instead of landfilling it at no cost, given that the paper and film materials are sorted at the converter end. Matrix is the portion that separates die-cut labels on rolls of pressure-sensitive labelling material. It is made from either paper or film material and is usually peeled off and discarded before the labelling stage.

Through co-processing, paper matrix can be re-used as fuel in industrial processes. Through reprocessing, filmic matrix is converted to polymer pellets used to manufacture products like boards and benches.

The programme is part of Avery Dennison’s Recycling Services initiative, which is building a global network of partners to recycle and repurpose used label materials and reduce landfill waste. In India, Shakti Plastics Material will haul and process the used materials from participating converters. To encourage industry engagement, the Association of Label Printers and Suppliers (ALPS), an Indian label industry trade association, has joined hands with Avery Dennison in promoting the initiative.

“Many of our customers and end-users are working to meet the goal of zero waste to landfills,” said Parag Bagade, head of sustainability, compliance and ADvantage Services for Avery Dennison’s South Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa region. “Avery Dennison is aiming to help customers reduce matrix waste from its products by 70% by 2025. Our partnership with Shakti Plastic will help us cost-effectively achieve that goal and the ALPS’ promotion of the program will help us reach the right target audience and expedite the reduction of label waste. This programme will keep substantial amount of waste out of local landfills, which will be tracked by the recycler.”

Gururaj Ballarwad, president, ALPS, said, “Landfilling is not only harmful to the environment, it’s also rapidly becoming less feasible. Also, with stringent government regulations being enacted around the world, communities are innovating to find alternatives and more sustainable ways of recycling. We’re proud to be collaborating with Avery Dennison to reach the right audience with a solution that’s good for our industry, the environment, and communities.”