Autoprint’s coating and carton inspection machines to headline Drupa

Autoprint Machinery has announced that it will showcase a range of its machines at Drupa, including the newly introduced UV coating machine and its flagship inspection machine, Checkmate 50 in Hall 6, at Stand C51.

22 Apr 2024 | By Anhata Rooprai

Autoprint Fine Coat 105 Drip Off

Autoprint has installed more than 13,500 machines in domestic and international markets.

The Autoprint Fine Coat 105 drip-off and UV coating machine was launched during Pamex 2023. It is an offline two-tower drip-off UV and aqueous coating machine. “It can be used for drip-off coating, full UV coating (gloss and matte finish), spot coating, spot not coating, aqueous coating (gloss and matte finish), texture coating, blister coating and many others. The two-tower coating unit ensures drip-off coating in one go. Other coatings can be done using the second tower,” said CN Ashok, managing director of Autoprint.

Ashok also explained that there is a provision to change the anilox rollers according to the thickness of the UV varnish required for the type of job. He said, “The cylinder grippers are easy to remove and reinstall, which helps clean the varnish spillages. A specially made feeder ensures trouble-free feeding of various substrates ranging from 100- to 600-gsm.” The temperature adjustment system also ensures the temperature needed to cure the UV coating onto the sheets according to their type and UV thickness/applications.

On the other hand, the Autoprint Checkmate 50, a carton inspection machine, was launched eight years ago. Autoprint has sold over 70 units of this machine in India and abroad. This machine is capable of segregating the good and defective cartons, which can be analysed further. 

Autoprint Checkmate 50

The Checkmate 50 integrates software algorithms to enable the machine to detect even the smallest printing defects. “It easily detects ink smudges, spots, scratches, uneven ink, colour variation, foil stamping variation, hazing, missing print or characters, filled-in characters, misregistration, and other minute flaws and irregularities,” said Ashok.