Autoprint embarks on a post-press campaign

Coimbatore-based machinery manufacturer Autoprint along with its Delhi agent Vidhur Graphics, launched a series of seminars to educate customers and printers.

18 Jun 2010 | By Rahul Kumar

The seminar was conducted on the 3 June 2010 in the packaging hub of Haridwar in Uttaranchal.

Theere were presentations about UV technology applications on the Autoprint FineCoat UV 80 and Reckoner VDP 50 – along with samples.

The event was attended by 46 delegates, including prominent printers from Haridwar and nearby areas. There were queries for Vijay K Agarwal of Alpna Visual Packaging Aids, Sanjeev Popli of Vidhur Graphics from Delhi and Sachin Kala, regional manager.

Other products highlighted in the post-press arena were the Repetto 65 automatic flatbed die-punching machine and sheet collator Vaccumatic for counting sheets.