Aura, Yessor partnership brings wiping solution for equipment

Aura Print Solutions has announced an exclusive channel partnership with wiping solution provider Yessor Tech for domestic and international markets.

01 Oct 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

According to Aura, Yessor Wipes' smooth and lint-free surface provide 200% high absorbency

Hygiene is important for not only humans but also machines. With this in view, Mumbai-based Aura Print Solutions has partnered with Coimbatore-based Yessor Tech to offer wiping solutions to maintain those million-dollar presses running at various printing units in India.

Aura, a digital equipment and corrugated converting, smart/ID card and label solution provider, decided to partner with Yessor, as its products adhere to international standards of quality. The company told PrintWeek that the partnership with Yessor began with the realisation that companies with expensive presses still use rags and non-standard cloths for cleaning, "which are not hygienic and the right solution for delicate equipment parts".

According to Aura, Yessor Wipes' smooth and lint-free surface provide 200% high absorbency. The chemical resistant range of wipes, mops and gloves, are free of silicones, binders and additives and can save almost 50% of solvent expense with lesser VOC emissions. Yessor has lint-free cloths for applications such as print heads, stencils, glass surface screens, electronics, and non-woven cloths for rollers and cylinders and more.

"Aura’s commitment to hygiene and high maintenance standards in equipment for its longevity is why they are bringing Yessor’s well-engineered wiping product range aimed to enhance production and reduce downtime, to their premier clients in the graphic arts industry," the company stated.  

Providing a first-person account for the quality of the wiping solutions, Nilesh Kushare, CEO/MD at Nashik-based Mercury Industries said, “I print corrugated sheets on Wonderjet inkjet presses. It is pertinent that a half-million-dollar press is maintained well for seamless production. I have done away with rags to clean the machine, irrespective of being flexo or digital. It makes sense to use Yessor's lint-free for the print heads and non-woven cloth to clean the machine during maintenance."

V Natarajan, managing director at Aura Print Solutions said, “Aura has always strived to bring in the best in terms of technology to the Indian graphic arts. The introduction of Yessor is towards bringing a high standard necessity for hygiene and good maintenance.”

Aura Print Solutions is the exclusive channel partner for Yessor Tech. The Mumbai-headquartered Aura is known for providing consultation, sourcing and after sales support in verticals involving image transfer technology or managing variable data or digital technology.

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