ATE unveils full-repeat web viewing system at PlastIndia

Pune-based ATE Enterprises launch its ViewAxis Tera full-repeat web viewing systems for rotogravure printers at PlastIndia.

08 Feb 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

ViewAxis Tera consists of a 4K linescan camera which monitors the moving web and a 55-inch monitor that displays 50+ megapixels resolution images.

Demonstrating the operations of the new product, Anand Mehta, vice president and head – print and packaging equipment (operations), said, “For rotogravure printers either there is an entry-level web video system or a 100% print inspection system. Full repeat web viewing system, which could monitor full width of the web in real-time was a need of the Indian market. With a 4K camera displaying 50+ megapixels resolution images results in ‘near-print quality web visualisation.”

ATE developed the ViewAxis Tera in response to the customer demand.

Mehta said, “It was an idea that came from few print firms and OEM companies. They needed an intermediate system which at a later stage can be upgraded into a 100% print inspection system. The advantage is two-fold. One, operators get to learn to identify the defects on a full print repeat monitoring system. Two, it helps with the staggering investment for the business.”

ATE’s DetectAxis is a 100% print defect detection system that quickly spots printing defects that are practically invisible to an unassisted human eye. It does this in real-time by comparing captured images with a golden template.