ATE demonstrates Viewaxis Tera and Detectaxis inspection systems

The Indian manufacturer of vision products for the printing and packaging industry, ATE conducted an open house at its Pune factory to showcase and demonstrate the capabilities of Viewaxis Tera and Detectaxis systems.

12 Jan 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Anand Mehta, VP – Print and Packaging Equipment, ATE, said, “To keep up with the ever-increasing market demand and take on global competition, printers and converters have to increase their production speeds and at the same time maintain high quality standards. Hence, printers and converters need a hi-tech and reliable solution to detect and resolve printing and other defects even at high print speeds to keep to the quality standards and minimise wastage. The conventional approach of simple web video is now taken for granted.”

Viewaxis Tera captures sharp, high resolution,  near-print quality stationary images of the entire width of a print web at full production speeds, and displays it on a 55-inch 4K screen. By looking at these images, operators can easily spot errors and defects and take corrective action to reduce print material wastage.

The Detectaxisis a 100% print inspection system, which spots printing defects that are practically invisible to the unassisted human eye – in real time – by comparing the captured images with a golden template. When a defect is spotted, Detectaxisgenerates an alarm and warnings, and the operator can take necessary corrective action. Detectaxis thus ensures consistent, defect free, and high print quality.

“The Viewaxis Tera can be upgraded to Detectaxis, a 100% print inspection system. This provides an additional advantage of staggered investment,” said Mehta.

Both the Viewaxis Tera and Detectaxis make use of high-resolution line scan cameras that enable superior print web monitoring.

“ATE believes that its range of vision and defect detection systems will give printers and converters a competitive edge through the direct impact these products have on cost saving, waste reduction, reduced rejections and rework and improved efficiency, thus leading to increased sales and profitability,” said Mehta.

Among the participants were representatives from Devendran Plastics, Huhtamaki PPL, and Expert Industries among others.