AsiaCoat 2019: Inkmaker showcases IEC horizontal mill machine

Italy-based manufacturer of printing ink dispensing systems, Inkmaker, displayed its IEC mill Hm - series machine at Asia Coat 2019, held in the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 26-28 March 2019.

03 Apr 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The Hm - series comprises of three models, HM10EA with a chamber volume of 13-litres; HM15EA with 18-litres, and HM20EA with 23-litres.

Adil Khan, sales and service engineer, Inkmaker, said, “The Hm series is reintroduced with a new face-lift, enhanced safety and double mechanical seal. It has an unmatched price-performance ratio. It proportionally mixes pigments, resins and solvents and provides colour strength due to the surface area of the inks.”

It offers easy colour change and an efficient and high-flowing bead separation unit. The bead diameter ranges from 1.0 to 2.2-mm. The grinding capacity of the HM20EA machine is 75-700-l/h.

One of the machine’s key advantages is that it offers the formulation in both micro levels and nano levels.

Inkmaker also offers ink management software’s available in over 30 languages. “Our software can operate anything from small compact units to complex industrial systems,” said Khan.

The online version of the software enables the users to manage factories, formulae and work orders instantly, easily and by remote. “It is ideal for multinationals and for suppliers with international customers," added Khan.

The key features of the software are its provision dispensing parameters with automatic adjustment and management and traceability of raw materials and formulations.

Inkmaker also provides engineering, installation and after-sales services.

According to Khan, all Inkmaker dispensing systems can handle water-based or solvent-based materials, high viscosity or liquid products according to the customer's requirements and for each line of products, different sizes are available.

“One of our key strengths is the pan-India presence of our service support team,” added Khan.