AsiaCoat 2019: Corob highlights Novaflow ink dispensing systems

At the Asia Coat exhibition, a tradeshow for printing ink manufacturers held in the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 26-28 March 2019, Italy-based suppliers of tinting equipment for the paints and coatings industry, Corob, showcased Novaflow ink dispensing ink systems.

03 Apr 2019 | By Sujith Ail

With its 35 years of experience, Corob offers a complete range of POS equipment from entry-level to high-performance dispensers, as well as mixers and shakers. It also offers in-plant tinting systems and advanced self-service vending solutions.

Corob acquired Canada-based Novaflow Systems in 2017 and ventured into the ink dispensing industry. Novaflow has 25+ years of experience in gravimetric fluid and paste dispensing systems for printing inks.

Dipankar Bhattacharjee, head sales – Novaflow systems, Corob, said, “We offer gravimetric tinting solutions systems under the brand name Novaflow Systems, which serves all segments of gravimetric fluid and paste dispensing and blending processes, servicing the paint, printing ink, packaging, coating, dye, oil, adhesives, fragrances, silicone and chemical markets. We have an extensive product line to serve all segments of gravimetric fluid and paste dispensing and blending operations.”

Novaflow ink dispensers can be used for flexography printing, screen printing, gravure printing, and also for UV based products.

“Indian market is comparatively nascent for ink dispensing machines, however nowadays there is a lot of awareness for these machines, a lot of companies are showing interest in opting for ink dispensing units,” added Bhattacharjee.

At the show, Corob showcased N20 model and Batch-ler variants of Novaflow ink dispensing systems. The N20 model has batch size capacities of 1000 kg + depending on the customer requirement.

According to Bhattacharjee, “In many cases, payback for a Novaflow system, such as the entry level N20-LC model, can be achieved within a matter of months, not years.”
These machines dispense inks, paints, speciality chemicals and pastes following customer formulas with an accuracy of 0.1-grams. Standard dispensers are compatible with water, solvent or UV based inks and can be used with a combination of pneumatic diaphragm pumps and valves controlled through computer-driven electro-pneumatic circuitry.

Bhattacharjee said, “Ink dispensing units ensures a precise combination of colours at a particular proportion required for the job. Ink dispensed by Novaflow machines is highly accurate which leads to zero wastage. Inventory level also goes down. You don't have to store the excess inks for too many days and you prepare the ink precisely within a minimum amount of time.”

Commenting on the maintenance of the Novaflow machines, Mr Bhattacharjee, said, “As the machines are pneumatically controlled and have very less moving parts and thus very low maintenance and enhance the life of the machine.”

Novaflow’s gravimetric dispensing and ERP software technology is now married to Corob’s volumetric dispensing and mixer technology, which will help boost the presence in the market.

"This newly formed Corob-Novaflow Systems is key to faster rollouts and it is essential in accessing know-how and expertise derived from operating in more than one sector of the tinting and dispensing processes," Bhattacharjee added.

Nasser Arivoli, managing director, Corob, said "We are in tandem with the initiative of Make in India, Corob has manufacturing set up in Daman that caters to all the operations in India. It also strengthens our team of service engineers' presence in India and our market outreach."