ASCI launches ASCI Academy

The Advertising Standards Council of India launched ASCI Academy on 28 August.

30 Aug 2023 | By Charmiane Alexander

The academy aims to train students and marketers on responsible advertising

Through this launch, ASCI aims to boost responsible advertising at the ideation level. The intent is to train students and marketers on responsible advertising. 

The academy will train current and future industry managers and undertake research on emerging areas of consumer concerns, with the support of multiple stakeholders. 

The multi-sectoral partnership includes government, consumer bodies, academic institutions, industry associations, and corporations. 

Manisha Kapoor, CEO and secretary-general, ASCI said at the unveiling, “With short campaign durations, it is important that attention is directed at the point of creation of ads, not just after they are published. When the only ads to hit the market are responsible and compliant, it is a win-win for both consumers and the industry. Over the next three years, ASCI Academy aims to train 100,000 current and emerging professionals through self-learning and on-campus workshops and sessions, besides programs for research and consumer education."

He added, "This is a new chapter in self-regulation in India, and we are grateful to all our founding partners for supporting this vision. We hope to add several more believers to this agenda- this is just the beginning.”

NS Rajan, chairman, ASCI, said, “While ASCI has always had a strong corrective mechanism, we also wanted to harmonise the dynamic interplay between creativity and responsibility and address the broader consequences of advertising on society at large. The ASCI Academy is a big step in this direction which will facilitate a preventive footprint and shape an advertising ecosystem to help the industry to get it right.”

Rohit Kumar Singh, secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs, said “I congratulate ASCI on the launch of the ASCI Academy. In the digital age, preventive actions need strong impetus and encouragement, and the training of industry professionals – current and future is an important systemic intervention. The Department of Consumer Affairs is supportive of such efforts by the advertising self-regulator to foster a culture of responsibility in the advertising industry. We hope that the advertising industry engages deeply with the Academy programs to make their teams better trained and educated on the aspects of advertising regulations.”

Vikram Sahay, joint secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, said, “Many congratulations to ASCI on the launch of the ASCI Academy. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has always supported self-regulatory mechanisms in the media and entertainment industry. We hope that the resources and support by the Academy would be extremely useful for the online advertisers and platforms.”

(Source: Campaign India)