Arun Jakhade of Padmagandha Prakashan passes away

After the death of Sunil Mehta of Mehta Publishing House, Pune lost another publisher, writer and editor. Arun Jakhade of Padmagandha Prakashan passed away on 16 January. A publisher of authors, such as Ganesh Devy, Jakhade established Padmagandha as an important name in Marathi literary publishing.

17 Jan 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Not only Jakhade added value to Marathi literature by publishing the works of many Marathi writers and researchers, he has also been a regular contributor to various newspapers. He was also the editor of Padmagandha and Arogya Darpan Diwali issues.

Jakhade was born in a rural village in Maharashtra and completed his college education in Ahmedabad. He worked in various factories before embarking into publishing. He published the first Diwali issue of Padmagandha in 1988 to publish the literature of the factory workers. After that, he made great strides in the field of literature.

Jakhade was also a writer and published a novel (Pachroot), a short story collection (Ek Kadi Gavatachi), a collection of essays (Erjik) and a children’s novel (Gavmohar). He was also the recipient of several state awards. 

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