Artize, Bobst and Magnesium conduct seminar on post-press efficiency

On the sidelines of PrintPack India 2017, Artize Die Makers, Bobst and Magnesium Elecktron joined hands to conduct a knowledge sharing seminar which focussed on post-press efficiency. The seminar titled ‘Improve your production efficiency’ was conducted on 6 February 2017.

06 Mar 2017 | By Priya Raju

This seminar was designed for owners, production managers and decision makers of packaging companies. New Delhi-based die manufacturer Artize Die Makers covered topics ranging from basics of die-making and general issues related to die-cutting among others.

During the presentation, Mukul Luthra of Artize explained the importance of re–knifing and the best practices in die making. In addition to this, he explained the role of nicks and how the nicks can be enlarged using special piercers by Artize. He said, “To make a good nick always use a grinder to make a nick before placing the rubber and never grind over rubbers.”

Abhijit Kavathekar and Sachin Patil from Bobst covered key aspects of die-cutters and importance of blanking plus the troubleshooting associated with it. The session laid emphasis on the do’s and don'ts related to them in the interest of improved productivity of the machines. During the presentation, the various benefits of blanking plus its viability in packaging was stressed upon.

Whereas Sunil Khodke and Sachin Mahajan from Bobst highlighted the operator training programme conducted by Bobst which trains operators to provide a skilled workforce to the packaging industry.

James Farrell from Magnesium Elecktron spoke on the application of embossing and hot foil stamping blocks with properties of different raw materials. He spoke about the effective embossing with die-cutting and highlighted the various foiling process and challenges.

The seminar saw around 25 delegates attending the conference and concluded with a round of Q&A session.