Arrow Digital installs Esko Kongsberg X24 Edge

Arrow Digital has installed the Esko Kongsberg X24 Edge at its Demo Centre in Ahmedabad. The machine is designed to cut and finish simultaneously and is said to deliver high production speed and quality cutting.

17 Jul 2020 | By Charmiane Alexander

Sam Patel, CEO and managing director at Arrow Digital said, “Finishing is just as important as printing itself, likewise printing, finishing various substrates is a challenge, especially when considering printable non-traditional materials. Kongsberg provides you a complete spectrum of tooling to finish the entire range from paper based material to harder material like sun board, acrylic, MDF, ACP, WPC, bubble board, and fabric. Instead of outsourcing finishing processes, the Kongsberg gives you an in-house solution, giving you a competitive edge."

Patel added, “The ROI of the machine can be recovered quickly as it is versatile to replace traditional cutting equipment like laser, router, plotter and deliver equivalent productivity. Applications like V-grooving, polishing and engraving are the latest developments that Kongsberg can deliver and make you a differentiator in the market.”

Features such as fast tool loading, auto recognition and calibration features are suited for short run jobs, with the added flexibility of an optional conveyor system available to support automated board and roll feeding and to finish longer than the table.

The latest camera system helps in perfect registration for the heavy distorted jobs, edge recognition for registering corrugation jobs where the print is underside and detecting barcodes for automation.

“The main purpose for installing the Kongsberg edge is to give the customers and the prospects the entire work flow experience and they can test their product right from design-print-cut. The Kongsberg X Edge appeals to clients who desire a no-compromise, quality product at an affordable price, but importantly a machine that offers upgradability in the future as the business grows,” concluded Pate